"H" Type Hydraulic Press Machine

Although Advanced Machine Design has a wide variety of hydraulic presses for many different applications; our hydraulic press designs can be broken down into basic categories to include: two post presses, four post Presses, H Type presses, vertical presses and horizontal hydraulic presses. 

The most common press design is the four post hydraulic press. This design is the most versatile as a result of having no size limits, and can be adapted to nearly any process. The four post press design can be configured in a vertical or horizontal position as the process and space available dictate. Precise control Technologies ensures that the four post presses are precise and efficient. Operator access is allowed from all four sides of the hydraulic press so it is very well suited for many different applications. 

The H Type press derives its name from the shape of the frame. The primary advantages to the H Type design are an open work area and increased accessibility. The H Type press features become even more advantageous when multiple presses are used for progressive operations with automated material handling moving parts from press to press. The H Type hydraulic presses, however, are generally limited in maximum tonnage due to the design.

The two post hydraulic press is basically a hybrid of the previous two designs. It has good accessibility of the work are for the operator and maintenance personnel while generally allowing for higher tonnage ratings than the H Type press. 

Advanced Machine Design Company utilizes over 14 years of engineering knowledge and experience to design and manufacture heavy duty state of the art hydraulic presses. Our presses are available in standard designs or can be customized to individual specifications. Advanced Machine Design Company Hydraulic Presses can be supplied with entry and exit automated material handling with the value added of purchasing an entire turnkey system from one vendor.

Special Feature: 

  • These presses offer maximum access to tool area for tool changing & component feeding Applications
  • Slide guidance can be either twin pillars or face slide.
  • All valves are manifold mounted for easy & quick maintenance & a pressure relief valve protects against overloading of the press.



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